About : You Really Want To Know About Me ?

Well, where do I start... we creatives are supposed to like telling people what we do and what we've achieved. Only I'm not like that. I'm not keen on talking about myself and am the one who will always ask how you are and all sorts of random questions to find out more! However, being comfortable with your photographer is key to fantastic images, so here goes with a bit of background about me...

My name is Karl (the easy bit) and my peers class me as one of the top wedding photographers... but I shoot a whole lot more besides weddings.

I've been a photographer for a long time and if I told you how long I would sound old, which I'm not. Forty isn't old and in my mind I will never be old... darn it, I told you my age!

I enjoy mountain biking, water skiing, surfing and i'm completely nutty about my horse's, and for those that want to know what I drive, its either my pickup truck or my mini cooper GT

My music taste is vast and varied. A child of the 80's I have to say that era is best, though anything with good beat though is ok. Classical music calms me down while on the movie front, Top Gun and Dirty Dancing have to be two of my favourite films.

I'm married to my childhood girlfriend, and we have been together 27 years, with one teenage son William.

My professional achievements are pretty cool, reaching the pinnacle in 2011 being awarded a Fellowship with the British Institute of Professional Photographers (FBIPP). In 2015 I was invited to be a panel member with the Guild of Photographers as well as being awarded Master Craftsman status. I have also been awarded Midlands Professional Photographer of the year 3 years running, as well as many other awards for individual images.

Lecturing and seminars are a passion of mine, as well as traveling all over the country to teach photography workshops alongside holding classes at my Nottingham Studio.

Anything else you need to know? That's probably enough for now but by all means give me a call... I am always happy to chat.

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