Fuji XT1 shoots Lingerie editorial...

This editorial shoot was in conjunction with the amazing lingerie designer Emma Harris, its always a pleasure to work with great designers and Emma is no exception, her line of exclusive pure silk Lingerie is exquisite in its detailing and design and only a "made in England" label can achieve such a level of quality manufacture. we chose a local boutique hotel for the 1st part of the shoot, Cockliffe country house hotel, 2nd part was back at the studio for a special time of the day natural light section that only happens a few times a year and only when the weather plays ball, thankfully it did and my plan worked.

I chose to leave the Big daddy camera the canon 1dx in the bag and shoot the hotel section solely on the new Fuji XT1, it was with a little concern that I did this as in the weeks previous we didn't quite hit it off although it does have amazing qualities it also has its quirks that slow me down to a crawl at times but if I was worth the label I've been given as one of the countries top photographers I should just go for it.... so we did mainly with the new Fuji 56mm f1.2 and on the odd occasion I needed a little more width I used the 35mm f1.4. there will be more on this shoot, warts and all on the part 2 of the XT1 review which I'm working on at the moment. All images at the hotel were Natural light which is where the XT1 excels.

Photographer - Karl Bratby

Make up artist - Cristina Lazzarotto

Model - Stephanie Robson

Designer - Emma Harris

Location - Cockliffe country house hotel

And then back to the Nottingham Studio.