Kind Words

Nottingham wedding and portrait photographer, Karl Bratby, is the East Midlands premier wedding and family portrait photographers.


Kind words from previous wedding clients


Colleen & Cid Cugini :  Good morning Karl, I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful photos of Julia & Charles Wedding. Julia just sent us the link to their pictures and we were left breathless...you truly captured the essence of the day as well as their love - you were like a ghost- floating through the guests yet so very unassuming... With Julia moving to England it was a very emotional day for our family knowing that our time together would be brief- thank you for the tender shots of our family and your sensitivity to those very special moments...We LOVED all of the sequences and how you worked so well with natures light at the perfect times of the day- such an Artist ! We wish you continued success and thank you again.

Hannah & Andrew : From the moment we met Karl we knew that he was the person to photograph our wedding. Unlike other photographers that we had met, he wanted to get to know us rather than simply showcase his photos and pitch us the price. A quick glance at his incredible images only confirmed for us what we already knew: we HAD to use this guy! We wanted someone who could capture all aspects of our day and yet not intrude on it and Karl’s relaxed manner ensured that the photographs were anything but a stressful occasion! The inclusion of an engagement shoot ahead of the wedding day confirmed our choice of photographer and his emphasis on making it fun, removed any worries or nerves in front of the camera. As his photos of our big day show, Karl has the ability to see beautiful shots and encapsulate the essence of the moment, by combining the person with their immediate surroundings. The words ‘stunning’ and ‘amazing’ seem to repeat amongst our family and friends when viewing our pictures. His photographs come together to tell the story of our big day and his creative involvement in compiling our final wedding album has given us the ultimate lasting memory of the love that we share and of our perfect day.

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Ania & Rich : Karl a Massive thank you for all you have done for us, we were asked by a friend how we found you and Looking back we haven't the foggiest how it began. There was definitely a lot of Googling involved. And lots of websites and photos that looked exactly the same as those that had come before. We recall a fair old spell of frustration. Then we found iLife Photography and thought 'Hang on, this is a bit different, a bit more us'. But we figured that you can't pick a photographer just by gazing adoringly at a website (as pretty as yours is)...so we asked to meet you.There we were, sitting on your swanky Chesterfield sofa in your uber-cool studio, surrounded by your fantastic pictures. There were awards dotted around the place and you were twirling on your swivel chair in a funky pair of Converse. Maybe that's what it was - your Converse. Or maybe we'll never know. But whatever, it was pretty clear early doors that we needed you to be the one to capture our wedding day through a lens.The pre-wed shoot was a real giggle and meant that by the time 14 July came round, we were all like old chums, and that made everything far more relaxed. The thing is, what you did for us on our wedding day was so much more than wave a camera around and take a snazzy piccie or two. It takes something really rare and special to preserve atmosphere and emotion in a way that transports you right back to a moment again. Thanks to that 'something-you-have-but-which-neither-of-us-can-quite-put-our-finger-on', we get to re-live our story every single time we look at our wedding photos. And we love it.

Alanna & Damon : Thank you so much for yesterday, we had so many comments on your photos and you made quite an impression on our friends and family, most of all people said how much they liked you and what a great sense of humour you had. We didn’t feel like we had a photographer at our wedding; more a friend who happened to have a camera. I also can’t wait to see the magazine article that will feature our wedding and your photographs; it is simply amazing that our wedding will be in a national magazine.

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Lucy & Ben : When looking for a wedding photographer we got told of Karl's work and once we saw some of the stunning pictures he has taken in the past, we were blown away. When we met up to discuss the possibility of shooting our wedding it was so nice to meet a cool relaxed guy who made you instantly feel at ease. We arranged a pre shoot and when told to meet up the centre of Nottingham we were both so apprehensive we wondered what we had let ourselves in for. Not being a couple who like having there photo taken Karl instantly made us feel relaxed during the pre shoot and before we new it the nerves turned into excitement at looking for extra places to have our picture taken. When we saw the pre-shoot pictures were were overwhelmed with the images and new our wedding photos were going to be perfect. We even met up with Karl ahead of the weeding to sort out a montage to show at our reception. It was great to have Karl as part of our wedding and we had such a great enjoyable time during the photographs and he was so helpful in organising people during the day. The results from the day speak for themselves and as well as having great memories of our most special day we also have the most gorgeous photos to look back on for the rest of our married lives.

Michelle & Jason : As soon as we started planning our wedding we knew that the photography was going to be a key part in capturing our special day. When we found Karl’s website and saw the range of beautiful and creative images we just had to get in touch. Karl was really keen to get to know us, and the pre-wedding shoot was a great way to get used to working together (and so much fun!). On the big day Karl was fantastic, capturing the relaxed mood of the day while making sure he had all the details covered. When it came to choosing images for our album we were hard pressed to leave any out. Karl’s images expertly capture the romance, excitement and joy of our day and the end result is something we will treasure forever. We really can’t imagine having worked with anyone else, thank you Karl!

Nicola & Neil : We just want to say a massive thank you and to let you know how grateful we are for all you did for us, with your wonderful support and the beautiful photos you have taken of us. Most of all I want to tell you how grateful I am to you and don’t consider you just as our photographer, but I think of you as a very valuable friend and can’t begin to thank you enough. I would very much like to keep in touch with you. We are very much looking forward to seeing our lovely pictures on our return from Thailand. Karl, you have been worth every penny and much more, thank you a million times over.