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Passion for Portraits using the Fuji X system

Date: 31st January 2015
Location: Nottingham
Places: 6
Cost: £160
Camera system: Fuji X system

In this creative lighting workshop I will show you my methods and techniques to create amazing award winning images. I will demonstrate why I'm choosing to shoot with the FUJIFILM X System more and more. I will be using the Fuji XT1 and a brace of lenses along with the Fuji X100t, their latest creative tool that along with its wide and tele lens adaptors is proving that its place in the camera bag is justified.

I will explain and demonstrate how the ONE light setup and the correct modifier can be used to create amazing and creative portrait and fashion images, many of the worlds best past and present photographers will only use one light! Photographic lighting does not need to be over complex, some will teach 3, 4 or even 5 light setups but these images usually lack emotion, connection and meaning which is imperative in a portrait.

 Fuji XT1 - 56mm f1.2 

Fuji XT1 - 56mm f1.2 

In my penthouse studio (see here) there is an abundance of natural light which will also be utilised and modified if necessary with diffusers and reflectors to create a different look to the strobe lit image and I will show why a natural light studio is making a resurgence amongst fine art and portrait photographers and why the Fuji X system is the perfect system for natural light portraiture. 

 Fuji XT1 - 56mm f1.2

Fuji XT1 - 56mm f1.2

At this creative hands on workshop will be a professional model and mua (make up artist) for hands on shooting experience. I limit the numbers for these days so I can answer individual questions and make the day more personal.

subjects to cover will include:

  • The Fuji X system, why is this small system camera creating such a buzz.
  • The one light portrait mastered
  • Two and three light setup
  • Learn how to correctly use a light meter 
  • using natural light, why and when.
  • Balancing flash and ambient light outdoors.
  • All images will be shot using the FUJIFILM X System,
  • Canon, Nikon, Sony etc users all welcome, but be warned you will want a Fuji.
 Fuji XT! - 56mm f1.2

Fuji XT! - 56mm f1.2

The afternoon session will be location based, using natural light, speed lights and larger location lighting equipment that can be used seamlessly with the Fuji X system, Also explaining the secret weapon in the Fuji kit list, the X100t with its leaf shutter ability to sync at high shutter speeds and built in ND filter, with its two add on lens converters, wide-angle and short tele, it also has the same image sensor as the highly acclaimed XT-1

karl bratby fashion photographer

Karl's Training Philosophy: Whilst its true there are many many photographers offering training, Karl's approach is unique and is based around keeping it very real and even could be said simple. So many people attend workshops but then fail to be able to replicate what they have been taught for various reasons, it could be that it wasn't  explained well enough, or in an over complicated way, the setup or skill is simply un attainable without 3 assistants and 6 lights etc, or maybe the whole thing was setup for you and this lack of hands on meant the new skills simply did not sink in. Karl gets all involved, keeps the group small and insists that the attendees think for themselves, start to problem solve from the outset, no question is to small or in significant. Everyone is equal on Karl's training days, no matter the experience or lack of it, everyone helps each other and defiantly NO egos's allowed.

The cost of this day is priced at £160, please call Karl on 07986 788 704 to book your place, or email via the contact form. We run on a 1st come 1st served basis so book early to aviod disappointment. Only 6 places available.